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5 Tips for Event Networking

In the lead up to the 2015 Executive PA Magazine Awards Gala Dinner in October at Le Montage, we have listed our top 5 tips to prepare yourself for business networking events.

  1. Establish the mindset of a networker

Having the networker mindset keeps you focused on your goals and helps guide your intentions when approaching people. You are putting yourself out there to connect with new people.

  1. Do your homework

Prior to attending an event, make sure you do some background research. What kind of event is it? Who will be attending? What is the theme or goal of the event? Conducting research beforehand is fundamental to getting the best results whilst you are there.

  1. Who will be there?

Find out who or which industry or company representatives will be attending the event. You can do this by researching the event’s website, searching individual LinkedIn profiles or getting in touch with the organising team.

  1. Make an impression

Making an impact during business networking events is important. You want to attract people to you and make yourself memorable. Present yourself well – dress appropriately and comply with specific dress codes. Speak with confidence, share a story and some good humour. And don’t forget to smile! All go a long way to making a great first impression.

  1. Exchange contact details

Secure connections and build your networks during the event by exchanging your contact information. Whether you do this via traditional methods such as exchanging business cards or utilising web-based/software strategies such as iPhone apps or social networking it is the first step on the road to a longer term relationship.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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